Find the Indonesia Best Wave!

Indonesia (or just straight up Indo as it's called in the surf lexicon), is a Southeast Asian nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands and is home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking many different languages. It is known for its beaches, volcanoes, and jungles sheltering elephants, tigers, and Komodo dragons—not to mention it's thumping surf.


Waves on the south coast of Lombok

Lombok has several other surf spots that work given the right conditions and heaps of the Lombok waves are user-friendly without so much of that sharp reef.

You may need to hire a boat from the locals to access some of Lombok waves and many local surfers will be happy to guide you.

Gerupuk Bay is home to five different spots which work on various tides, wind, and swell combinations with great protection from the headlands of the bay and are easiest to get out to by boat.

World class left point

South Sumatra

Lampung Province on the southern tip of Sumatra is one of the best surf destinations in Indo. Krui is about a 6-hour drive from Bandar Lampung which is the provincial capital and the nearest airport for travelling to the south coast of Sumatra.

It is a bit of a mission to get out to Krui with the short flight out of Jakarta followed by the 6 or 7-hour drive through the lush Sumatra countryside. It can take a whole day and this often contributes to the smaller visitor numbers.

The coast line of South Sumatra is a surfer's dream! So many surf spots that it's always easy to get a surf. From beach breaks, peaks, slabs, and a few points there is a huge variety of waves to choose from.